How to choose the right socks for trail running?

How to choose the right socks for trail running?

To keep your feet happy when you hit the trail the most important factor is to have the right socks and also the right shoes for the task. Having the right pair of socks and equipment can make all the difference so that your feet aren’t hurting and full of blisters once you cross the finishline.

Start with the shoes

You’ll want to choose shoes that are meant especially for trail running. The difference between regular running shoes and track shoes is huge. For trails, you’ll want shoes that support your feet, heel, ankles, and arches. As the track isn’t smooth there are more risks to sprain your ankle and your feet won’t always hit the ground in an optimal way. Check out what kind of trail you are going to run on and talk with the pros at the shoe store to help you choose a pair that has the required features and fit your feet well. Protection, cushioning, and fit so that your feet won’t move around in the shoes are some of the main features you’ll want to look at.

Choose the right pair of socks for your run.

As mentioned, the fit of the shoe is essential. The socks play a part in this as well. Many of Merino House’s socks that are meant for running, trails, and different uses are fitted with a cushion on top of your ankle which helps to archive a better fit with your shoes. When looking at our socks you can see that the socks have multiple parts that all play an important part to support, protect and secure your feet. For example:


  1. Woven 3D cuffs - Firm and comfortable while supporting blood circulation.
  2. Ankle protection - Protects your joints with a supportive structure modeled after your body.
  3. Anti-wear strips - Reduces friction with shoes and the backflow groove isolates and dissipates heat while protecting the heel.
  4. Invisible x-shaped straps. Secure the ankle and prevents strains
  5. 3D-raw materials. Specially thickened to increase friction, help shock absorption, and prevent blisters
  6. Air Venting and moisture-wicking materials. Run comfortably with airflow management that keeps your feet cool and sweat-free. 
  7. Segmented calf support. Firm and segmented design support and improve your performance.
  8. Tuck knitting technology. Ensures a firm and comfortable fit that helps your muscle performance and endurance.
  9. Arch support. Elastic fit supports arch to move optimally.
  10. Advanced cushioning. Perfect fit with shoes. Stay comfortable and blister-free with dampening and shock-absorbing cushioning. 
  11. Hand-stitched. Exquisite workmanship and durability.

With all these features you can rest assured that you can archive the top with Merino House on your side. Not all the socks are the same though so you should consider where you want to run. For example, if you are planning to run at a higher altitude you can also look at our hiking socks. The main difference there is the extra support for your blood circulation by having a tighter fit with your calves. This doesn’t only support the circulation but also applies pressure to your calve muscles to improve your performance.

Get the right socks from Merino House

Whatever the case and whatever the track you can find the right socks from Merino House’s collection. Merino House’s collection has multiple sizes, colors, and activity-specific socks for trail running, high-altitude hiking, cycling, and more. Take a look at our collection and find the right pair for you!