Introduction to compression socks and their benefits

Introduction to compression socks and their benefits

As you probably know Merino House has a large number of compression socks in its collection. But what are compression socks and why should you use them? Let’s take a look.

  1. What are compression socks?
    Compression socks are specially made stockings that gently squeeze your legs at various lengths usually around the calves. The main point of this is to promote better blood circulation, many know that compression socks are often used by people flying long distances to avoid aching legs but the added circulation has other benefits for athletes as well.

    As many people view them to be used in just special cases it could be argued that people could benefit by using them more as keeping them for special situations only isn’t really necessary - your daily life and normal exercise can benefit greatly from using them.

  2. What are the benefits of compression socks?

    Plenty of studies have found that compression socks work and that they do benefit your circulation and that this also helps to reduce swelling. There are also studies showing that there are medical benefits as well to veins, blood clots, skin, and so on.

    For athletes, the benefits of better circulation also mean better muscle performance and also extra benefits especially when climbing or hiking on mountains and high altitudes. Better circulation also helps your feet to stay warm in cold climates.
  3. How do compression socks work?

    By squeezing your legs the pressure under your skin increases which reduces fluid leakage in cells and capillaries and at the same time increases the fluid absorption. Your veins can also work better as they have a reduced ability to expand to fill with blood, flow backward or get congested. This is actually one of the reasons why they are popular when flying and sitting still for long periods of time when there’s an increased chance of getting your blood pooled in your legs with bad circulation.

    For sports, the case isn’t really about blood clogging but circulation. That’s why Merino House has different kinds of compression socks available with different types of compressions. Top-to-down and segmented models are designed to improve your circulation under different kinds of circumstances. Added squeeze and pressure can increase muscle performance in different parts of the body - that’s why you can see many athletes to use not only compression socks but also compression sleeves.

    In addition, there’s evidence suggesting that runners and athletes, in general, can experience better recovery if they used compression socks during the exercise.

    Other benefits are circulation, oxygen delivery, improved lactic acid removal, and as the socks are made from thicker materials they protect you skin from the boots and keep your feet nice and warm.
  4. So compression socks are good for everyone?

    In general yes, everyone can wear them with the exception of people who have issues with their heart or bad blood flow. If you are worried talk to your doctor about using them.

  5. How to find the right compression socks for me?

    For Merino Houses socks you can take a look at the different models that differ by length below, above the knee, segmented and so on. Depending on the use case you might want a lighter segmented squeeze to improve your performance or larger and more covering ones to improve clotting and warmth.

    Depending on your calve muscle you can also want to choose a higher-up sock if you have larger muscles as to have it can feel more comfortable.

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