Satisfaction Guaranteed

We trust our products and want to make you happy while wearing them. If you have anything in your mind be it feedback, question or just reaching out to us to help you find your best pair of socks, we are always happy to hear from you!


Brand History

In 1990, our first socks factory was founded in Jiangsu with 355 workers.
In 1998, we set up sales headquarter and logistics center in Shanghai.
In 2015,we do only one thing – manufacture customer-made socks.


Company Size

- No.1 Socks manufacture & exporter
in China
- 3,700 employees, up to 30 million pairs of socks each
- Shanghai warehouse 1,300,000 sq.ft



Merino House is a luxury merino wool and inner wear brand. We are a cult of fashion, function, and spirit. We believe that all of you were blessed with personality, desires, and culture that needs to be explored. You, your deepest thoughts, wants, needs and emotions are what drive us to create. Our magnificent harmony that is function, fashion, and spirit are expressed through our creations.


Why Merino House

We never cut corners, never say yes to anything that doesn’t meet our standards, we look right when millions of others are looking left. We feed our dog, brush our teeth, and put on a pair of the most fantastic merino wool socks like it was our last day on earth every single day because we love this stuff.


Quality First

After years of R&D and millions of socks later we have learned a lot about socks and the people who wear them. Our socks are built for everyday use and specifically built for the use of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. From horse riding to climbing our socks ensure you the best fit and performance. Rigorously tested and crafted without compromises, Merino house socks make you feel comfortable and ready for anything.