Keep your feet happy on summer rides

Keep your feet happy on summer rides

Summer is here, and so is one of the best riding seasons of the year. To make your riding experience better, it is important to choose the right socks for the ride. 

How the right socks can make your bike riding experience better?

Well, perhaps you got a hint of what it could be from the topic of this blog? Hint - it’s related to summer. As all riders know riding bikes is fun but the blistering summer heat and hot winds don’t exactly help you and your feet to cool down. The result can be a very uncomfortable experience with sweaty and blistered feet.

To avoid having gallons of sweat in your shoes one should choose the right socks for the task as they can vastly improve the overall feeling of the ride.

Merino House riding socks

The Long Distance riding socks from Merino House are well-breathing, moisture-wicking and light riding socks made especially for riders who need the best comfort to maximize the results of their training.

Merino House’s socks are designed from multiple components that support your muscle performance and comfort, so you can focus on your training. By designing socks according to the activity, you can have just the right fit for your feet no matter what your chosen sport is. As riding a bike is different for example high altitude hiking the socks are also different. Whereas high altitude hiking socks feature a firm and a bit tight fit for your calves the riding shoes are much looser to let your blood circulate freely.

Merino House’s bike riding socks actually use traditional Jacquard technology weaving to give the socks a comfortable fit and great looks. For the cuffs, the fit is just right - not too tight or too loose. This means that while your circulation can work freely the socks won’t fall down either. Basically for optimal performance, you want socks that feel like you aren’t wearing socks at all: light, breathable and stay in place.
Riding a bike for extended periods and with all the force as road cyclists do it’s also important that the socks coupled with riding shoes fit just right. For Merino House, this means that your feet won’t move in the socks as it could cause blisters but that they must also be flexible enough that they don’t restrict the movements of your feet and joints.

Flexible and light socks from Merino house also come with an anti-wear strip which reduces friction between the shoe, the sock, and the heel. Thanks to it having a backflow groove they can also isolate and dissipate heat well while simultaneously protecting your heels.

For the perfect ride, choose Merino House

Merino House riding socks are hand-stitched with exquisite workmanship, combined with excellent materials combined with premium design. And hey, they aren’t made only for the summer so you can enjoy happy riding feet all year round. 

Get the right socks from Merino House

Whatever the case and whatever the track you can find the right socks from Merino House’s collection. Merino House’s collection has multiple sizes, colors, and activity-specific socks for trail running, high-altitude hiking, cycling, and more. Take a look at our collection and find the right pair for you!