Brand Story

Merino House is a luxury merino wool and innerwear brand. We are a cult of fashion, function, and spirit. We believe that all of you were blessed with personality, desires, and culture that needs to be explored. You, your deepest thoughts, wants, needs and emotions are what drives us to create. Our magnificent harmony that is function, fashion, and spirit are expressed through our creations. Merino House is for those of you who understand fashion is a way of life, function begins with high end and the spirit is the connection to nature. Others create clothes, we create fashion. We live for function, because we know we can have everything we want if we dress for it. Nature is our playground because good things come to those who envision. Fashion is bought, style is possessed. Function is the elimination of the bullshit that doesn’t matter. Spirit comes from nature, and nature is forever giving. Magnificent Harmony, Fashion, Function, Spirit.